Sprial Lamp


This is the final product of my spiral lamp. It has a toggle switch which controls a stripe of LED. The hardest part about this lamp is to make the spiral shape. My first attempt was to bend a piece of wooden stick into that shape. After watching tons of youtube tutorial video, I decided to steam the wood then bend it.IMG_0847.JPG.

After several trails and lots of broken wood, I realized I’m just not capable of bending this in my home kitchen. So I went online and ordered a drum shell and decided to just cut it with a wood saw.


This process took me more than 2 hours but eventually I got the shape I want.


After I got the spiral shape, I stick the LED stripe around the inside of the wood and connect it with a toggle switch on the base.

I actually want to add a motor at the base so the spiral shape can open and close when the lights are switch on and off. Unfortunately, I spent too much time on bending the wood and I will add that mechanism for the next project.



4 Hour Time Lapse

This is a 4 hour time lapse from 6 -10 am, unfortunately it was a rainy day and I couldn’t see lots of changes in the lighting. However, one interesting I saw was the processing of how the wall of Bed Bath & Beyond slowly soaking by the rain. I think it would be interesting if I can replicate that effect with lighting.