Materials Connexion


This is the first material we saw at Material Connexion, it is a very strong and flexible bioleather. I can’t really think of any applications of this material for my own project but the process of making this material is rather interesting. This translucent sheets are made of bacterial cellulose produced as a secretion from bacteria fed a sugary solution (in this case, pineapple juice) in a warm bath.



This is a second material which has nothing to do with my own project but I really enjoy touching. It is probably the softest fur I have ever touched (softer than my puppy’s fur!) It is pelt from the Orylag, a breed of French rabbit. The diameter for each hair is only around 15 microns, which is almost 10 times thinner than human hair. The feeling when brushing through is with my hands is just phenomenal.



This is the solution for a unbreakable one piece hinge. The white flexible part in the middle is made from a combination of carbon fiber and kevlar, which are two lightest and  strongest material in the world right now. Which means this hinge has incredible durometer and flexibility. I believe this material will work excellent on any applications with moving parts.


img_0718This is one of my favorite material. It looks like a wireless glass with LED in it and it will conduct electricity without any visible wires. What it has is a clear conductive polymer films stick in between two glasses which allow the electron to flow through LEDs. I think this material has great usage in AR application, like OLED. If the conductive film is stick in between two flexible  plastic sheet, then we may create a screen or display that is much harder to break due to its flexibility.



This flexible foam is my ideal sensor for pressure. This piezoelectric foam will generate electric charge in response to applied mechanical force, which mean it will be a perfect replacement for all the sensors for impact, for example sensors to trigger air bag in a car. I also think this will work perfect to put under a robot’s feet. Since it can provide very perceive feedback for the pressure it’s taking, it would be a great sensor to help robot keep balance.



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