Interactive Technology in Public – Mood Floor

Mood Flood is a interactive project created by Mazi Tradonski and Michael Abramovich. It was designed to pick up different body languages and reflect them with lights projecting on the floor. Here’s the video showing how it works.

Aggressive or angry mood will be expressed by fast and sharp movements with the lights, while calm and relaxed mood will be expressed by slow movement. Those lighting will move around the user create a fun interaction on the street.

In my opinion, this is a very successful design because it doesn’t take a lot of thinking to understand what this project is about and how to interact with it. When people see lights moving around their feet on the floor, we immediately start to interact with it, because that’s what people do if there are real physical objects moving around people’s feet.

For me, the best design for interaction is to blend digital objects into our real physical life. Suppose a person walking down the street suddenly saw few cockroaches running towards him, the two reaction he will have is to either step on the cockroaches or run away from them. So when there are unpleasant things being projected on the floor, people will react the same because it has been our instinct. Same goes with pleasant objects, if we see a nice grass field in front, we would love to step or walk on it. So when there are pleasant lighting being projected near our feet, we will play with them.

To sum up, this is a very simple design but it follows all human instincts, that’s why when users are being exposed to this project, there’s not much introduction needed for the users to enjoy the interaction.



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