Final Project

For the final, I want to print out a vinyl with dancing figure spinning while the record is being played.819587967.jpg

There will be three gears, the middle one will stick to the pivot and does not move. The other two will connect to two ball bearing on the record, so when the record is spinning, they will also spin.


Here’s the process of making gears and the dancing figure. I still need to finish her both arms and one more leg.



This is the record generated using both python and processing. Due to the resolution of the 3D printer, the fidelity of the music will be relatively low. This record will be played at 33 rpm with the sample rate of 12kHz. The sound quality might be far from ideal, but we should still be able to clearly identify the song.

Right now I have used “The Bilinda Butcher – Careless Teens” to generate this record model. I picked this song because it’s a dream-pop song, which means it will be Lo-fi even before transform into a vinyl, so the difference between the sound quality can be reduced. However, this song is about 6 minutes long and the model generated was too big to comfortably work with. I have to pick another song or just cut some portion of the song to make the file smaller.


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