HW #1

For this assignment, I want to model a 3D pixel cow. So I started from a 5X5X5 cube and slowly built out the entire cow.  It gets extremely complicated to use the “move” command during the process since there are so many objects to snap onto. So solve the problem, I sometimes have to draw reference line on the object for them to snap onto. Since the entire cow is constructed by cubes, I used “BooleanUnion” command at the end to join everything together.

Here are the results.Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 4.42.10 PM.jpgScreen Shot 2016-10-01 at 4.42.23 PM.jpgScreen Shot 2016-10-01 at 4.42.17 PM.jpgScreen Shot 2016-10-01 at 4.41.51 PM.jpg


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